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Grand Canyon University - October 18, 2020
I started my doctorate program and wanted to drop out after 3 classes, but I attended my first residency and the passion of the faculty and the support I got changed my mind. This was not an easy road by any means, there was no hand holding, no nonsense, I ...

Columbia Southern University - October 14, 2020
I have completed an MBA in healthcare administration this past year from CSU and although the degree was a goal that I have accomplished in achieving an advanced degree which has given me some fulfillment, it has not advanced my career, so far. I have not received any promotions or ...

California Coast University - October 11, 2020
I completed my bachelor's in MNGT in 1991. Back then, back when I working a min wage job and full time at that. Traditional college was not an option for me. I didn't have the money or time gfof that and no family to pay for traditional college, Many classes ...

Grand Canyon University - October 2, 2020
Honestly, it is so much easier to leave a bad review. When you are upset, you want the world to know but when things go great you don’t need to publicize your experience. I am currently in year 2 of my education and it has been amazing. Of course the ...

Southern New Hampshire University - July 29, 2020
I competed my Bachelor's in Accounting online in May of 2020. Overall, my experience at SNHU was great. That being said, online courses are not for everyone. It can be very time consuming, and some concepts may not come as easily without the in class instruction. However, I was provided ...

Ashford University - July 24, 2020
Great school! My experience was great at Ashford! If I was confused by something I simply asked what I wanted and always got an answer for whatever I needed. Each course is 5 weeks and is a little bit faster pace but definitely manageable if your motivated to do the ...