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Parkland College

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Parkland College Reviews:

Great college!

Associates of Arts in Political Science - August 20, 2009
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I am currently in my second semester. I transferred credits from 3 other colleges, all of which were accepted, you only need 15 credit hours at parkland to graduate with a degree from them. This is an actual brick and mortar community college, that offers 99% online degree programs. (you do have to take a speech class at a local college, found one here, great!) The counselors, financial aid departments, and classes are all great. These classes are structured like regular semesters, 15 week winter/fall 8 week spring/summer. Overall its a great experience. I will get my associates degree here, and am currently looking at Bellevue or Central Michigan University for my bachelors. If you are looking to transfer to a 4 year institution verify that most of your credits will transfer to the 4 year institution. Illinois students dont have much to worry about. Out of state, contact your 4 year of choice. As i said, most will transfer but as with all colleges, they may have unique classes that will not transfer.

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